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I love readings! After learning about my Great Aunt Prudence, a librarian who impacted her community by hosting story time at the Carver Community Center in San Antonio for decades - and who engaged in plenty of "good trouble" activism behind the scenes - I am that much more excited to follow in her footsteps. Honestly, she deserves her own book.  In the meantime ...

For readings, podcast interviews, and more, please contact Tim Crist at or Janet Appel of Janet Appel Public Relations (212) 258-2413.


The Stethoscopes To Swaddles Podcast with Shiro Bergbauer, DNP CRNA podcast title card
Title card for History Through Fiction the Podcast with Colin Mustful, a tan and brown graphic with a pair of headphones
Between the reads podcast title card wiht Audra Russell, a cartoon of a woman in front of a bookcase, with a table full of books in front of her, colors are bright and playful
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The Stethoscopes to Swaddles Podcast is the ultimate resource for moms in the medical field. The main character, Bebe, managed to have a robust medical career while raising five children at a time when there were few women doctors! Find out how she survived. 

History Through Fiction founder and editor Colin Mustful talks with historical novelists about their craft of weaving history and fiction to create engaging, historically detailed stories.

Add some Black to your stacks with Between the Reads with Audra Russell! Entertaining, humorous and always insightful interviews with Black Indie and traditionally published authors. 

BLK News Now! is an independent blog managed by a small group of journalists who advocate for the progress of Black Americans by highlighting the challenges we face and the strides we make to overcome adversities.

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