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Bebe Hammond in Paris or London having tea and a snack at a table in a restaurant, with a ray of sunshine
Broadway World

" absolutely mesmerizing piece that demands to be seen."

The Seattle Collegian

A performance to remember... starkly honest... Bebe’s bright character and sharp wit shine through and cast a light into some of the ugliest darknesses of America and the world post-WWII.

Bebe Hammond and European Chaperone sitting on a bench, talking and holding a map with flowers and a window behind them
Bebe Hammond's Grandmother Sarah Young in an old photo in an oval frame, the photo is historical and black and white
Seattle Pockets

Get your tickets now to see this fierce, lovely, insightful, talented woman play 28 (TWENTY EIGHT!) characters in one night of theatre.

I want you to see this show. I  have thought of this production many times since seeing it. I loved Returning The Bones storyline, the writing, the moments of laughter, the history unveiled, the moments that help us remember how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go as a society. I’ve procrastinated writing this review because I want it to be well written, to be worth of the art that is on that stage. Gin Hammond’s “Returning the Bones” is a true gift...

Singing & Dance

Audience Reviews 

"I really hate using the word perfect - but this was as perfect a performance as you could find. Every one of the characters - even the ones who only appeared for a few moments - were fully realized. I could tell them all apart. Phenomenal. I loved her Eleanor Roosevelt the most! And the transitions between characters - I can't emphasize how HARD that is to pull off, and she did - easily." - Gregory Awards Nominator 

"A beautifully orchestrated performance by Gin Hammond. I absolutely couldn't stop watching her. Her physicality, miming, facial expressions, accents, emotional range - everything was spot-on. So often I felt like I was watching two people at the same time - my brain was having difficulty comprehending that the same person was, in fact, playing the two people. An uncanny, riveting, and poignant performance" -

Gregory Awards Nominator

“I could not recommend Gin Hammond's one-woman show more highly; it is a piece that no one who values the power and beauty of theatre should miss.  Incredibly well-written. Her performance is extraordinary.”           -– Allen Fitzpatrick, Veteran Broadway Actor


“A beautiful performance of a great show! We enjoyed it immensely. Her voices are so captivating that it's frankly amazing. And her writing was a wonderfully rhythmic blend of Oh Gee to Oh My to Oh God to Oh S*** and every which way. Good laughs, good tears. Good structure.  Omigod what a tale....

- M. Lundsten


I saw Returning the Bones on Friday and it was extraordinary. Absolutely the best theatrical experience I have had in years. The story was so beautifully and perfectly crafted.  So really I just wanted to say Thank You.

- S. Lerner


She was amazing! Very moving show. [My husband] came home and decided he needed to continue fighting for something he would rather give up on...

- J. Rosenzweig


“I just had to contact you to let you know how deeply I was affected by your show.  I actually can’t express how great I thought the show was, your performance, your writing, everything.                                                      

- A. Strickland


“Loved all the multiple personalities she portrayed and the whole story!  She had me living during that time in history and laughing out loud at times…”

- P. Eyler

“RTB was utterly amazing and she is truly gifted. Fantastic work!  I have to re-state that RTB was astoundingly good!  The writing, the acting, the use of the space -- everything.  Just wonderful.”

- C. de Maria

“She blew me away! 

- K. Gavigan

"Fantastic performance…she is truly gifted!!  She is an AMAZING talent both in terms of script writing and acting. We must get this in front of Oprah!"  

- P. McCoy


“Excellent! Exquisite! Extraordinary show!”

- Dr. M. Ivory


“Great story and superb acting.”
-N. Vinokhodova


“We LOVED it…it was awesome and I was ever so much more impressed that she wrote the play as well.  Excellent work... It was very moving, funny, and endearing all at the same time.  Breathtaking.”                                            

- M. Ross

"RTB is brilliant. She is so talented as an actor AND writer. What a one-two punch! Watching her perform inspires me to see more plays and get more involved in theater!!!!"

“My husband and I were so moved by her performance. Absolutely radiant...”                                                                                                

- J. Klein


“Gin was so amazing in Returning the Bones. Such a pleasure… so good and she is simply WOW.”

- Denee McCloud, Program Director Central District Forum for Arts & Ideas



“We loved the show!  Really fantastic work – loved the specificity.  Superb show from top to bottom.  Top of the line excellent!”

- C. McDaniel

Book-It Performance 2019


Loved your show! What an accomplishment. I hope you take this play on the road so other audiences in other cities can experience it. All the way to Broadway! Why not. It's that good!

-Y. El Guindi


I loved Returning the Bones! It restored my faith in the theatrical process!

-W. Lotts


The truth is, I haven't stopped thinking about it. It was STUNNING!! The best piece of theatre I have seen all year, and then some… so transformative, I forgot I was watching her and I just got swept away by all of the people she introduced me to. I could have watched a full show about any one of those characters! Each was so complete and raw and authentic and engaging. Physically, vocally, in every way, you just slipped from one character to the next in such a seamless way. It was rather a masterclass! I told all of my students how sorry I was for them that they had missed this show--I only wish I had seen an earlier performance so I could have told every single person I know GO SEE THIS SHOW!!!  And the story!! I never would have imagined that we would find ourselves touring Auschwitz, beginning in that small town in Texas in the early 20th century. What a life your aunt lived! And what a family she was raised in! And what a world she made her way in! I rode a roller coaster of emotions in those 90 minutes, and by the end, I was on my feet-- that was a show that deserved a standing ovation! 

Congratulations…and thank you for doing it in Seattle so I could see it. Now, this show needs to tour the world!!!

-M. McLynn

It was so moving, brilliantly told, and used your talents to the utmost.  Very cool.

-J. Helde


This play had me enthralled from the first to last moments.  The acting was superb, I could see each character come to life and my mind easily painted a background to fill out the stage.  The content was such a beautiful mix of hard truths of the American experience and hope for change.  I was moved to tears and laughter throughout the production and am so thankful for the chance to have seen this play.  Thank you for the hard work and time it took to bring this play to life and for sharing stories like these in our community.  My partner who is a CIS white male was also deeply moved by this play.  He said it was the first time that he has really felt the pain and injustice that black Americans face, and the first time he has cried over this part of American history.  This is the power of art and story telling that is so valuable as a teaching medium, thank you for this work.  Art changes lives!

-K. Mann


I just saw your performance of Returning the Bones at Book It Theater.  Your performance and the story deeply inspired me to reach higher in my life.   Thank you so much for sharing your gifts, talents, and remarkable skills.

-Yatta E


…a fabulous piece of theatre…moving and inspiring for me to be an advocate for change and equality…

-C. Raiha


I was brimming with emotions, and my brain had a lot to process. It was such a moving experience, I didn't want to risk blurting out cliches or platitudes along with a crowd of others. I do want to tell you though, that your family's story was powerful and compelling, your precise and nuanced character work made each person in that story come alive, and I felt every emotion that they felt. What an incredible piece of work, a real legacy.

-H. Ward


…it was brilliant…We were completely engrossed in the play the entire time and were moved particularly by the last scenes.

-L. Sherman

From the Skirball Cultural Center Performance

“I attended the performance at Skirball last night with my daughter, Lucy, (age 10) and we thought it was wonderful. I am so glad my friend recommended that I bring her — the storytelling and characters she inhabits during this show bring to life so many emotions.

- Goldstar Member Review

FYI: My daughter was in bed with her notebook writing a story when I went in to wake her up this morning and we spent all of breakfast discussing the terms on the back of the event program. Wow. What an opportunity for me as a parent to discuss life and history and humanity with my child....!”

-M. Holley 
“The play is truly inspirational!!!  A gem.  A lovely tale of history, change, growth, family bonds, and human experience.  Amazing!!!”   

- S. Archer

“I am still thinking of her amazing performances!”                                     

 – Amina Sanchez Associate Director - Program Dept., Skirball Cultural Center

“Gin, thanks again. People are still buzzing about your show. It was really satisfying for us to be able to present your work!                                         

-  Jordan Peimer, Director, Public Programs, Skirball Cultural Center 

“The crowd loved this performance—as did I!”                                               

– Kasia Gondek Program Assistant, Skirball Cultural Center

“An outstanding performance. The audience was on their feet as one at the conclusion. Gin Hammond makes she feel as though there is a cast of 30. Her energy and vocal skills are spellbinding” - Goldstar Member Review

“Excellent, engaging performance especially impressive for a one woman show. Deserving of standing ovation at final.” - Goldstar Member Review

“Absolutely amazing. Everyone must go see 'Returning the Bones' the first chance they get!" – J. Saginor

“Stellar show!” – D. Kubitski

SPF Festival

“Absolutely fabulous!” – L. Ferri

“Absolutely magical!” – A. Martinelli

“We LOVED the production so much.  The story was captivating and your performances were inspiring. Really fun…really terrific…really delightful.

-K. Allen, Late Bloomer Productions

"Beautiful work … I was/am in awe. It finished too quickly though!  I hope there's a sequel?"

– S. Wykes

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